Basics: Derivatives - Futures & Options - Video Recorded


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Move towards creating an additional source of income via Derivatives Stable Trading. Understand derivative products from scratch - futures and options, focusing on very important practical aspects and not just theoretical concepts. How derivatives could be used for trading and also investing.

Course Content: 

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Derivative Products - Futures, Call Option, Put Option
  • Payout Curves, Risks & Time Decay 
  • Basic application of derivatives - how to use futures & options, how to take benefit of sideways market / up-trending market / down-trending market
  • Hedging using derivatives


Live Trading Session (at an additional fee of Rs.750)- how to place orders, which product to use as per market condition, how things actually work in live market


2 weeks free recommendations on Options (mostly option selling)

Once you get used to the basics of derivatives, we shall share a free video with a brief on advanced derivative strategies, that can help you trade more professionally

Mode: Video Recorded Session, Language: Mix of Hindi and English 

As per your convenience (video shall be available for a period of 1 month)

We also have options available for customized learning programs, offline training workshops, institutional courses, and corporate training workshops. Contact us for more details (whatsapp @ 7397899111).


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