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Panomac (www.panomac.com) is a research and education portal, led by Neeraj Gupta Research Analyst (SEBI Regulations 2014, Registration Number INH000006022). We provide comprehensive and integrated solutions in the field of investments - from education to research to live projects to strategies, Panomac brings you all you need for investing. As our name suggests, we aim to provide 360 degree (pano) solutions.

Panomac focus on spreading knowledge and awareness on financial investments, through our research, education and training programs.

We strongly believe that retail investors look at stock market investments with apprehension and fear, and mostly lose money due to inadequate research and education. They tend to invest based on herd mentality, free opinions, and/or news coverage. We aim to fill this void in the lives of retail investors, so that they understand the nuances of investing, and invest with conviction based on thorough research. 

From education point of view, we have learning articles & research blogs, providing insights and perspectives. We also do have live projects for experiential learning, wherein you are mentored and provided with in-depth exposure to stock markets.


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