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Panomac| Learning cum Internship Program

Learning cum Internship Program

Laying a strong foundation and understanding the practical nuances, are important to be successful in the field of investments and financial markets – whether it be for a job or for a personal investment. Many of us start with personal investments and do no succeed, due to lack of research and experience. Many aspire to build a career into this field, but unfortunately get into advisory or sales job. Why does it happen? Academic curriculum of colleges / institutes, and other courses in the industry, gives only theoretical knowledge (mostly outdated), with little or no practical experience, or it gives elementary knowledge with a mock trading (simulation) game. It doesn't really help.

Companies look out for practical learning and experience, and there exists a huge gap between industry requirements (what companies want in candidates) and academic learning (students’ learning and experience). Through our unique Learning cum Internship Program, we aim to bridge this gap, so that candidates are equipped with relevant knowledge, and more importantly, get the work experience, working on niche roles with us, like Equity Research Associate, Derivatives Analyst, and so on. At the same time, the pedagogy for the Learning Program is not like a standard classroom / coaching / academic course, but more of a practical guidance and mentorship provided by us. This helps you get a head-start on the subject matter and it is expected that you then learn from practice & work experience, and guidance from mentor.

This program ensures you go through the right mentorship & experiential learning, so that you can confidently deal with your personal investments and/or look out for a career in actual finance roles (and not sales / advisory job).

Learning webinars are open to all, however for Learning cum Internship program, we select the candidates based on our selection process. Limited seats for each monthly batch.

Opportunities under Learning cum Internship Program:

  • Beginners’ Program:
    • To build the foundation and get practical exposure, to begin trading/investments and also be ready for job interviews and financial industry for niche roles.
    • Suitable for post graduate students (including MBAs), under-grads finance enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to get experiential learning in stock markets.
  • Advanced Program:
    • Move towards becoming a pro with advanced concepts and be like a professional in your personal trading/investments
    • Suitable for anyone have some experience into stock markets and equity research/derivatives, and want to improvise on it, as professionals.



  • Industry-oriented, interactive courses with high standards of pedagogy, imbibed from IIT  
  • Weekend two- to three-hour workshops / webinars, and are not pre-recorded video sessions
  • Real world data-based project work, with proper feedback, to provide experiential and practical learning
  • Focus on handling real-time trading and not simulation games, as Behavioural Finance plays a major role when dealing with actual money 
  • Course Completion Certificate shall be provided


  • Work as Equity Analyst, or Derivative Analyst, based on learning program
  • Options to work as part-time / full time, and work-from-home / in-office Pune
  • Internship Certificate provided

Course Host: Neeraj Gupta (SEBI Registered Research Analyst; MBA Finance; IIT Delhi Alumnus)

Did you know? There are just around 650 (approximate number) SEBI Registered Research Analyst in India, as of Dec 2019. Only a few of them might have a strong academic background. So, this program, definitely gives you an edge on your learning and experience, as you learn and work with a SEBI Registered Research Analyst with strong academic background, who is actually working in this professional field.

How this course is different from others?

  • Focus on practical aspects and not just theoretical concepts
  • Get actual work experience working as an intern with us
  • Insights from Neeraj, basis of his 14 years of experience into stock markets, and professionally running research-based recommendations service
  • Interactive course, and is not a pre-recorded, or a video screening. Direct interaction with Neeraj
  • Doubts and queries are directly answered by Neeraj (for full support projects)

Fine Details:

Note: If you are looking for just learning, you may enrol for just learning webinars.

For registrations and queries, please contact us via email - contact@panomac.com or whatsapp +91-7397899111


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