Panomac's Financial Awareness Initiative

About the initiative

This initiative is focused on increasing basic financial knowledge, via workshops / webinars / videos / blogs / messages, so that each one of us, and around us, understands entry level investment products; be financially aware to avoid common mistakes and make wise investment decisions. Else, everyone faces a situation wherein sales person mis-sell, not so great investment products, like ULIPs, Insurance linked investment plans, Mutual Funds not aligned with risk profile, etc.

Reality Check: talk to your family and around you, and there are high chances that sales person has already sold Insurance linked investment plans to them, and they are dealing with sub-standard returns, and/or high expense charges. 

What do we do?

It is a social responsibility to spread basic financial awareness around us. We have started this initiative to to bring more transparency in the system, and the best way is to spread basic financial awareness, via social media or otherwise. We also take free workshops at corporate offices, to spread financial awareness.

How do I spread financial awareness?

All you need is to cascade information (blogs/videos/messages/etc.) received from our side, in your social circle, whenever you get time. You can do it via multiple ways: 

  • Connect with us via social media. We have different communication channels via which we shall share videos, and information. Please connect via each of the channel, so that you do not miss any communication. 

Click on each of the following and subscribe / follow / join: 



  • You can discuss at your office / institute, about engaging with us on this initiative and we would be happy to collaborate and help via webinar or workshop
  • You can create a whatsapp group, and share information there with everyone. If you want, you can add us to the group, and we shall directly share information. 

Inviting volunteers for this social responsibility – please write to us on or whatsapp +91 7397899111


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