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Research based investing into Mutual Funds:

  • Can be invested as lumpsum and/or SIP mode 
  • Recommendations across Equity, Debt, ETFs (Index/Gold), Overseas funds and so on.


Value Proposition:

1. Quarterly monitoring of existing recommendations:     

  - Regular review of MFs and make necessary adjustments, considering capital gains and exit loads    

  - Review based on analytics (past performance, comparative studies), fund manager review, fund's top holdings review, and so on

2. Research Oriented Investing for fresh or switch investments:

  - Investing across the right categories, as per the cycle of the market    

  - Investing into possible growth sectors/themes, that shall lead the next bull run. Based on on technical & fundamental research.

3. Deploy Right Allocation:    

  - Allocating funds to the right MFs based on market conditions    

  - Based on market conditions, rightly size the SIP amount; withdraw funds to book profits at a suitable time (period of time), and reinvest/invest lump-sum in the market at a suitable time (period of time)


With the above value proposition, we strongly believe that the long term returns from Mutual Funds will be decently high than a normal SIP mode or lumpsum investment. 


Note: We strongly believe that one should start investing as early as possible. So, for those, who want to start investing with a small amount, can contact us for special deals. 


Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully.




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