Become a Pro in Stock Analysis - Live Project


This is a kind of live project, wherein you not only learn about the theoretical aspects but also learn the practical applications on live stock market data. The main differentiator of this course is that it includes personalized attention on a regular basis, to each and every candidate, helping them to learn in the most effective way. It includes learning as well as guidance in application on live market scenarios. The course will comprise of: 

1.  Webinar based studies and assignments related to stock markets, including technical analysis & derivatives

2.  Learning on stock markets and equity analysis

3.  Analysing stocks based on live data

4.  Application of derivative strategies

5.  Strategy, Trading Plan & Pyschology



This course covers the following:

1. Basics of Stock Markets & Fundamental Analysis

2. Basics & Advanced Technical Analysis

3. Approach and Strategy building for investing/trading

4. Practical sessions, working on live data

5. 1-month mentorship, post completion of the course for doubt clearing, help in analysis, etc.

At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Know about stock markets and their functioning & analyzing
  • Trade/invest into stock markets, with a strategic mindset
  • Analyze stocks for entry points, & exit points
  • Apply derivative strategies, in line with your technical analysis 


Medium of the course

Mostly webinar based, with frequent connects via conferencing tools (click here for learning webinars' schedule)

For Pune based candidates, face to face sessions will be scheduled

For outside Pune candidates, 1:1 video conferences will be scheduled

Duration: 2 months (4 hours per week sessions - mostly on weekends) + 1 month of mentorship support 

Course Host: Neeraj Gupta

Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to get started with stock markets, or those who are already dealing into stock markets and want to excel in their investing/trading.

Discounts available for bulk bookings (more than 3 candidates). Discounts also available for students. Please enquire at +91 739 789 9111, or 


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