Basics: Stock Market & Mutual Funds - Video Recorded


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Laying a strong foundation and understanding the nuances well, are important for one to be successfull in the field of investments and stock markets. This course shall help you cover the basics, and give you a headstart into stock markets !!! More importantly, learning the practical aspects are more important than just theoretical concepts.

After the course, you shall be able to understand: 

  • Stock markets & their working
  • Common Jargons
  • How to approach stock markets, to increase your chances of being successful?
  • How to buy/sell stocks?
  • Different types of equity research?
  • Common Mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Introduction to Mutual Funds

Course by: Neeraj Gupta (SEBI Registered Research Analyst; MBA Finance; IIT Delhi Alumnus)

Duration & Mode: Video Recorded

How this course is different from others?

  • Focus on practical aspects and not just theoretical concepts
  • High standards of pedagogy imbibed from IIT
  • Insights from Neeraj, basis of his 14 years experience into stock markets
  • We do not claim that this course shall make you an expert or master in stock market, or give you a top secret of success - like most of the others' claim. Because a top secret does not exists, and dealing in stock market is a journey. We do not mis-sell. What we claim is to provide you a headstart, and you will learn the right things, in the right way. 

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