Pano-Trade NIFTY

25% Profit Sharing

Theme: Trading into Nifty using derivatives - futures and options

Segment: Derivatives

Target Returns: 3%+ monthly or 36%+ yearly. (These are not guaranteed or confirmed return range. It is an expectation of what we try to achieve).   

How it works?

We research and recommend to long/short Nifty using derivatives products. It may involve buying/selling futures and/or options. Our recommendations are for positional trading keeping a stable view, so as to avoid noise (short term fluctuations) in the system. On top of it, we recommend derivative strategies to partially/fully hedge positions. Option writing is a part of this strategy. 

Capital Requirement: Rs.1,00,000 per 1 lot/position. In case you wish to trade with higher capital, slightly different positions can be taken to further mitigate risk. 

Fee Structure: 25% profit sharing on Gross Profits. We consider the price at which you execute the orders, to calculate our fees. We earn only when we make you earn. No hidden fees involved.  


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