Basics of Derivatives Market (webinar)


Many consider derivatives as risky products. Are they really so? Understand derivatives market, and the details of the products - futures and options. How derivatives could be better used, than just a leveraging instrument?

Weekend online webinar (2 sessions of 2 hours each) to cover the basics of derivative market in India:

  • Introduction
  • Derivative Products
  • Pricing, Payout Curves & related dynamics
  • Application of derivatives
  • Hedging using derivatives
  • Case Study (practical orientation)


After the webinar, you shall be able to understand: 

  • Derivatives markets & their working
  • Common Jargons
  • How to trade using derivatives?
  • How to hedge using derivatives?

Out of scope: Swap


No. of sessions: 2

On demand schedule; to be discussed post registration


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