Basics: Derivatives - Futures & Options - Live Webinar


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Move towards creating an additional source of income via Derivatives Stable Trading. Understand derivative products from scratch - futures and options, focusing on very important practical aspects and not just theoretical concepts. How derivatives could be used for trading and also investing.

Course Content: 

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Derivative Products - Futures, Call Option, Put Option
  • Payout Curves, Risks & Time Decay 
  • Basic application of derivatives - how to use futures & options, how to take benefit of sideways market / up-trending market / down-trending market
  • Hedging using derivatives

Live Trading Session - how to place orders, which product to use as per market condition, how things actually work in live market

One month free recommendations on Options (mostly option selling)

Once you get used to the basics of derivatives, we shall share a free video with a brief on advanced derivative strategies, that can help you trade more professionally

Mode: Interactive, Live Webinar, Language: Mix of Hindi and English (can request for a complete session in English or Hindi)

Weekend Webinar (1 session of 3-4 hours - second Saturday of every month*)
Live Trading Webinar (1 session of 30 mins - subsequent Wednesday*)

*Whatsapp @7397899111 to confirm the exact schedule, and in case you are a student, then also check for student discount

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