Basic Mentorship Program


Everyone goes through theoretical concepts and learning; if you are from commerce background, mba background, pursuing CFA, or otherwise. But does it help you in practical implementation? Does it help you get started with investing / trading, or even the basics? 

In stock markets, it is less about theoretical learning and more about getting to know how things actually work and how you do Equity Research. In this program, you get to practical aspects, that are industry-oriented, related to

  • Basics of Stock Market
  • Introduction to Equity Research

Do not get confused with too much information available on internet. Let us guide you for a good way to get started.

How do you learn?

  • Learning Videos (you can post your queries in the comment box, and we shall try to answer)
  • For those who opt for certification, shall have also have a live webinar with Neeraj after the end of 2 weeks on Equity Research Approach and further guidance

When and what is the duration?

  • ~2/3 hours of learning during week 1 of the program ((at your convenience, at your own pace | absolutely free)
  • Experiential Learning during week 2 for better understanding of concepts (optional & on basic fee basis): 4-8 hours of project work during week 2 (Early-bird offer available). You also get a certificate for this program, if you opt for Experiential Learning.


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If you opt for Experiential Learning for Week 2, program certificate shall be issued, post completion of the program. However, a basic fee of Rs.499 apply (if you pay upfront, you get a 20% early bird offer, as you help us plan early). Post completion of the course (after the end of week 2), you also get a live webinar by Neeraj, showing you the right approach to Equity Resarch Project work.

How do I learn further post this mentorship program?

Once you lay a strong foundation with the basics, you can continue your learning, being connected with us via social media and you-tube videos. We shall guide you on further learning opportunities as well. Feel free to discuss. 

Is this an internship program?

Please do not confuse it with an internship program. This is a learning program where we provide free guidance for you to learn practical aspects about basics of stock market and introduction to equity research. You can look at our live projects, where you register in the learning program and undergo a remote internship as well - a course fee applicable (click here for more details).   

I already know the basics, and want to learn things in detail

Though this program imparts basic knowledge, but it is very important to lay a strong foundation on your understanding about stocks. Our program focuses on practical aspects of the subject matter, and you may want to give a second thought of attending it.

For learning on advanced concepts, you may

  • continue to learn and gain expertise, being connected with us via social media and you-tube videos, related to advanced concepts and technical analysis, and / or
  • opt for our practical-oriented interactive sessions (click here)

You may also have a discussion with us via whatsapp for guidance

What is Panomac’s Financial Awareness Initiative (PFAI)?

It is a social responsibility to spread basic financial awareness amongst individuals. Every individual should possess knowledge about investment products, so that they can avoid common mistakes and make wise investment decisions. Everyone faces a situation wherein sales person mis-sell, not so great investment products, like ULIPs, Insurance linked investment plans, Mutual Funds not aligned with risk profile, etc. Do a reality check – talk to your family and around you, and there are high chances that sales person has already sold Insurance linked investment plan, and they are dealing with sub-standard returns, and high charges. We want to bring more transparency in the system, and the best way is to spread basic financial awareness, via social media or otherwise. All you need is to cascade information (blogs/videos/messages/etc.) received from our side, in your social circle, whenever you get time. Inviting volunteers for this social responsibility – please write to us on or whatsapp +91 7397899111

Any further questions

Please whatsapp @ 7397899111 or write an email to

We hope you have an enriching learning experience with us, via this basic mentorship program. Looking forward to mentoring and guiding you towards a right path. 


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